If your rental space is small, don't get discouraged. There are a few things you can do

to show people that with a little creativity and a few design hacks - this space is as top-notch as any other.
Let's say you've got a piece of real estate in a booming neighborhood, walking distance from a handful of amenities and in a reputably safe neighborhood. You're just missing one thing. Enough space for the property to stand out in a crowd. Fret not, property owners. We've got a list of tips and tricks that tell you how to position a small rental space to appeal to applicants.
These strategies aren't deceptive or getting renters into a situation they're unaware of. They're simply here to help renters think outside of the box when it comes to decorating and working with what they've got.
Ready to maximize? Let's get started! Use these tactics to open up your space and show greater appeal to renters.


Stage it

This obviously requires that the space is free of any tenants and needs the budget or ability to completely furnish an apartment. We understand that this may be out of the question for some. Understandably so.
Whether you buy, rent, borrow or pull furniture/decor from your own home, this is a great way to display the space at its full potential. You can help renters imagine any outside-the-box decorating ideas that make the work/living space an ideal place to be.


Storage - anywhere and everywhere

Renters can buy, build or bring their own storage but why don't you one-up that and provide storage with the space? Where can you add storage, you ask? Under the stairs, on the walls, extend cabinets to the ceiling, add coat hooks to an empty wall, etc..
If there's an empty space, see how you can make it more useful for your renter(s). They'll appreciate it because it's one less thing they need to bring in that takes up more floor space.


Make sure there's good lighting

Good lighting can really open a space up, making it appear more expansive. Natural lighting is always preferable but if you have no other option than to rely on artificial lighting, it's worth the investment.
Choose lighting fixtures that are sleek and don't appear to obtrusive (glass, slim, etc.). While picking out lighting, don't forget that you're trying to add to the space, not take away from it.


Eliminate unnecessary walls

A space looks appreciably different simply by reducing the number of walls it has. The open concept isn't just a buzz word, it's the real deal.
Opening up the rooms not only increases the space you're working with, it also gives renters more flexibility in the way they can setup a room (office) to their liking.


Use the right color scheme

This goes along with the idea of making sure all the rooms have good lighting. Picking the right paint color(s) is crucial in making the space look large and open as opposed to small and tight. Light/bright colors are good for making a room appear open and larger.
Whether it's stark white, pale blue or soft green or a playful bright color, this will do you a greater favor than painting the walls darker. Bonus tip - Paint the trim of the room a lighter color than the walls and it will help in making the room appear to have more depth.


Stack what can be stacked

If you can stack appliances, shelving, storage, etc., it saves room and opens up the floor space. Needless to say, that gives renters greater flexibility as to how they construct their space because the necessities are already as condensed and out-of-the-way as possible.
All in all, the goal here is to make the space as efficient as possible.


Use mirrors

Mirrors, when done right, can really add some sophistication to an area. Added bonus? They really open up a space too. If you can stage your place or simply display a mirror on an empty wall, it will do wonders for making a space appear to be more open than if the mirror wasn't there.
Mirrors reflect light and add depth and if you own a small rental space, they're also your new best friend. That's exactly what you want if you're trying to rent out a small space. Whether it's one large mirror or a cluster of a few smaller ones, they'll do the trick. Trust me.


Emphasize the use of multi-purpose furniture

Multi-use furniture is probably one of the best investments one can make when working with a small space. Whether it's seating with built-in storage, extendable tables, desks that can be broken down or joined together, a couch that turns into a bed, or an ottoman that can double as a coffee table, the goal is all the same.. save space.
The best way to show this is by staging the area. If you have a current tenant or don't have to financial means to do that, a simple suggestion to tenants can always do the trick for a potential renter.


Include plants in any/every room

Plants make any given space feel, look and smell fresh. They bring a relaxing element and can create a subtle transition from the outdoors, into any room. Plants make a room blend seamlessly with the outdoors and that makes a room seem limitless.


Maintain consistent flooring throughout the entire space

This can be costly and in some cases unrealistic, but if possible, a really great investment. If you can abstain from having multiple kinds of flooring in one rental, than do it.
Flooring lines break up the space and make it look choppy, divided and smaller. Needless to say, that's not what we want.


Remove doors or replace them with pocket doors

This goes hand-in-hand with opening up the wall space and helping it to flow better from room to room. Doors cut larger spaces into smaller spaces and that essentially achieves the opposite of what you're going for with a small space. Removing doors or using pocket doors help rooms flow, one to the next.


Provide (if applicable) smaller sized utilities

We're not suggesting you go from a full-sized fridge to a college dorm mini-fridge. We're just saying that if there's a way to provide utilities that are less bulky than existing ones, go for it.
Renters will still have the functionality they need but can have a little more space to play with. Stackable washer and dryers are a lovely thing.


A small space isn't a bad space. Use these tips to maximize a small space and get the most for your rental property.



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